The Secret of Happiness

Authors: Jas Mand

The Secret of Happiness
Year: 2004
ISBN: 8128803263
Page: 220
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Publisher: Diamond Books
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The Secret of Happiness - Book By Jas Mand

This is not a self-help book in the conventional sense, where you will find readymade solutions to all your life’s problems. This book does not endorse any religious methodology to achieve a state of bliss as most religious claim. The author has attempted to approach the subject of happiness from the scientific angle of a rationalist.

Unlike self-help books, it does not offer first-aid. It proposes regular and non-stop work on your growth all the time. The basic emphasis is on cultivating the attitude of happiness, which primarily is in one’s own hands. If this book succeeds in helping you a bit in this direction, author shall feel justified in writing it.


  Part I. What is Happiness? 13
1 Definition Of Happiness’ 14
2 Don’t Confuse ‘Pleasure’ With ‘Happiness’ 17
3 ‘Happiness’ Is Different From ‘Bliss’ 21
4 The Concept Of ‘Suffering’ 23
5 Can Suffering Be Positive? 26
6 Can Happiness Be Negative? 28
  Part II. How Is An Attitude Made? 31
7 Religion On Destiny Versus Free Will 32
8 Science On Nature Versus Nurture 36
9 Is Happiness In The Genes? 40
10 Maya And Perception 44
  Part III. Happiness And The Outside World 49
11 Religion: No Guarantee Of Happiness 50
12 Spirituality: Say yes To Secular Spirituality 54
13 Age: No Bar Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, Late Adulthood 60
14 Death: As Certain as Life 66
15 Relationships: Do They Really Matter? Child & Parent, Friendship, Love, Affection Love, Romantic Love, Family, Sex 74
16 Wealth: Cannot Buy Happiness 88
17 Society: Not A Determining factor 94
  Part IV: Happiness And The Inside World 99
18 Desire: Positive And Negative 100
19 Kama: A Natural Desire 109
20 Attachment: Balance It With Detachment 114
21 Greed: A Source Of Misery 120
22 Anger: The Enemy Within 123
23 Worry: A Useless Trait 134
24 Pride: Hath A Fall 144
25 Loneliness: Cultivate Solitude Instead 148
26 Altruism: An Umbrella Antidote 153
  Part V. Cultivating Happiness 158
27 It Is Never Late To Start 159
28 Be Your Own Psychologist 163
29 Problem? No Problem 169
30 Develop Positive Attitude 173
31 Practice Balance 180
32 Follow Goodness 185
33 Teacher Versus Learner 189
  Part VI. How to Perpetuate Happiness? 199
34 Meditation 200
35 Creative Visualization 205
36 Exercises 215


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